WOTRI is comprised of three monasteries in one.

In Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI, there are three monasteries in which we worship and do our work from. At present, we do not have a formal building or buildings that are designated as monasteries. However, if you were to research religions, you would find that most religious traditions had originally conducted their worship in homes.

Here are the three monasteries that currently comprise of WOTRI.

  1. Our home or homes. The internet – most people have internet access from home. The homes of our fellow E-Monks.
  2. The world at large and life in general.
  3. Our own personal inner monasteries that reside within us.

I have typed up a PDF file which provides more info on this topic. If you would like to read this file, please feel free to e-mail me at: anand@schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com

I will gladly e-mail you over the PDF file for you to read over at your convenience.



One of the metallic religious symbols of WOTRI.


At present there are three metallic religious symbols that are used in WOTRI. The photo above shows one of these objects: A chain with a carabiner device. The Carabiner is optional. I find it quite helpful as I can use the chain as a necklace of sorts when I pray and/or I do my Remote Influencing (RI) work. This symbol helps me to focus.

The chain is an affirmation from my book too. Please read my post on ‘Links of a chain, Remote Influencing affirmation’.

The universal declaration of human rights, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, includes the freedom, ‘To make, acquire and use to an adequate extent the necessary articles and materials related to the rights or customs of a religion or belief’.

As you can ascertain from the above, I / we have the right to use the chain as one of our religious symbols. Chains and carabiners are not too costly to purchase. They can be bought from hardware shops.

My Monastery and Monastic way of Life.

In 2013 I had written a short report for the basic research project I was and still am working on: Project The Remote Influencer – PTRI. I am following PTRI as a basic research project and as a series of unique and highly creative self-experiments.


This PDF digital download product provides valuable information on monks and monasteries. If people interested in personal development were to incorporate elements of monkhood into their lives, they would see great results happening.

I am selling this product via my Facebook F-commerce web site. Here is a link to the ad:


The above site accepts Paypal payments. The product is listed for £5. The other alternative way of purchasing the product would be through sending me an e-mail at anand@schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com

You could ask me to e-mail you over the product. You could pay me via my paypal.me account. Here is the link. I have added the amount into the link as well:








Using a Pendulum for guidance.

Pendulums have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years by people seeking guidance and/or answers to questions that are of importance to them. I won’t go into too much detail on what pendulums are and what they can be used for. There are many sites out there with information on these areas. If you go to Google, you could type in: Pendulum guidance, Pendulum questions etc.

Pendulums usually answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions that are posed. The idea is that you ask the appropriate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, and then you see what answer comes up. I have found that the pendulum answers yes when it goes back and forth. It answers no when it goes side to side. It just takes practice. You will get the hang of it with time and diligent practice. I have found the pendulum to be very helpful indeed. I have also become good or even great at asking the right questions. I have taken photos of my pendulums via my mobile – cellular phone. I usually bless the pendulum/s early in the morning. I look at the photos of my pendulums and then I bless them through prayer, visualization and the sending of light. I have asked the pendulum questions regarding the right lady for me, whether a research area is worth investigating etc. There are so many areas that a pendulum can help with.

I might start offering a pendulum guidance service online in due time. You can buy these products from most new age, metaphysical type stores. Or, you could even make one yourself. You would need a string and a key or a bolt tied to one end of the string.

Celebrities, movies, tv shows and the impact they have.

One of the beliefs I have through WOTRI is that celebrities, movies, tv shows can all have a positive impact upon society. There are quite a few celebrities out there that do great things to help causes etc. God has given each one of us unique gifts. Celebrities not only have the gift of being able to entertain us, they can also have the potential to help people.

Here is a link to a post from my Facebook Project The Remote Influencer page. In this post, I write about the tv show Pretty Little Liars.  If you look through this page, you will also find a post I had written on Miley Cyrus. Miley does a lot to help causes.



The Remote Influencer Archetype – TRIA.

In this online monastery, the aim is to develop ourselves into the powerful archetype of the future: The Remote Influencer. I have written a PDF on this subject. It would class as a literary piece. I wrote a Google blog post about TRIA too. This post includes a couple of segments from my PDF.

I will also include a link to my Facebook School of The Remote Influencer – SOTRI page. If you look for the long description, you will find some more info on TRIA.



What is a monastery?


A monastery is a building where monks live while they are practising their religion. A building in which monks live and worship.

The above are two definitions for the term ‘monastery’. I found the picture above via an internet search. I am not favouring any one particular religion when I decided to add the photo. I just wanted to give an example of what a monastery looks like. I consider my home my monastery. I foresee E-monks from countries across the globe, joining WOTRI. As in my Remote Influencing ‘links of a chain’ affirmation, we can join these monasteries as links of a chain. This could mean that our monastery could grow pretty large over the course of time.

Online self-help support group.

I will be opening an online self-help support group via this blog web site and through other online platforms such as Facebook and Google plus. I have witnessed how powerful groups can be over the course of my many years experience online.

Here is a link to a bog post of mine. It provides more info on my proposed online self-help support group.


The tools required to become a monk at WOTRI.

Remote Influencing (RI) via my Asus laptop

There are not too many tools required to become a monk at Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI. As WOTRI is essentially an online monastery, the  bare essentials necessary would be a reliable PC with internet access. A landline phone and a mobile – cellular phone would also be handy to have.  (If you are wondering who that is in the photo above, it is me, Anand Sule, the founder of WOTRI. I didn’t have my laptop turned on when I took the photo. I was surprised at how my image appeared on the laptop screen. It became almost like a mirror effect )

The main tools we already have : Our mind, body and spirit. Technology plays a big part in WOTRI. However, I don’t think it is good to become a slave to technology. For example, when I / we, do a Remote Influencing session, the tools we would use would be our mind, body and spirit.




Links of a chain, Remote Influencing (RI)affirmation.

I had my first book self-published in 2008. The title of the book is ‘ The Remote Influencer 2’. I was planning on writing two versions of the book. I chose to publish the proposed second version first. If I did write another version, I would most likely choose the title ‘ The Remote Influencer’.

If anyone is interested in reading my book, I can send you over an e-version of my book in PDF format at no cost. I can e-mail it over to you.

Did you like the chain image in my site’s logo? Here’s one of the affirmations in my book: ‘Like links of a chain, through Remote Influencing (RI), we are connected to positive influences, people, events, situations and outcomes’. In future posts, I will explain how my RI methods, techniques, ideas and philosophies are connected and interconnected. There is a method to my system.