Way of The Remote Influencer New Monastic Order.


Way of The Remote Influencer is not a religion. It is however a New Monastic Order. I respect all religions and I respect those who do not follow any religion. This is because we love everyone and hate no one. I will give some definitions below for Monastic and for Monastic Orders.


Of, or relating to, or characteristic of monks or nuns, their manner of life, or their religious obligations: Monastic vows.

Monastic Orders.

Are groups of men and women who dedicate themselves to God and live in an isolated community or alone.

New Monasticism.

New Monasticism is a diverse movement, not limited to a specific religious denomination or church and including varying expressions of contemplative and prophetic life.



Way of The Remote Influencer is a new urban Monastic Order. In the photo above, you will see traditional monks. In Way of The Remote Influencer, we do not wear traditional robes, habits etc. Casual clothes can serve as our habit as we do not want to stand out in a crowd. We will be judged not by the fancy clothes we wear but by the work that we do. When you think about monasteries, there are a few things that come to mind: Training, study, rules, work, ministry, faith, discipline, routines, schedules. Monks follow the aforementioned things for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine how hard it would be to do these things and to not give up. The rewards are well worth the sacrifices we make.

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