Google and three of the social media websites Wotri sees as God’s tools to help mankind with.

I see Google and the following social media sites as the tools God has given us as a way to help many people with. If were to use these tools creatively and for the higher good, many people can be helped. The social media sites I am referring to are, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Facebook groups have some great features. There are over 10 million groups on Facebook with over 1.8 billion users. Videos links and files can be shared in these groups too. Facebook groups can grow over the course of time.

Here are links to 2 of my recent groups on Facebook. One is for my sport and physical activity club. Google and three of the social media websites Wotri sees as God’s tools to help mankind with. Google and three of the social media websites Wotri sees as God’s tools to help mankind with.

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My new Youtube handles.

I now have 2 new Youtube handles for my Youtube channels. I like this new feature. It’s now easier to find and to share the channels with.

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Remote Influencer Yoga meditation services through Way of The Remote Influencer.

Yoga students meditating at the end of their session

I have developed a highly creative Remote Influencer yoga meditation system which I am going to be offering through this site as part of my ministry work. I chose the domain name, :

I will be focusing on the meditation, visualization and other mental and spiritual aspects of yoga in Remote Influencer yoga. I didn’t use the word meditation in the web domain name as the name was long enough already. The methods in my system are unique to the Remote Influencing (RI) system I have developed.

Here is a link to the post I had written on my WOTRI ministry work. The Remote Influencer yoga system would fall under the healing, coaching and teaching areas.

Here is the link to my Google blog for Remote Influencer yoga.

Remote Influencing (RI) energies transmitted via my hands, to you.


I had shot a Youtube video where I transmitted my Remote Influencing (RI) energies via my hands a few days ago. You could think of this as a self-experiment of sorts.  My work is connected. I will elaborate. Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI is one of the research projects and self-experiments I am conducting through Project The Remote Influencer – PTRI. When viewers watch my video, they will experience and benefit from the RI energies I had transmitted through the use of my hands. In some ways this is similar to Laying of Hands healing. However, I did not use physical in person healing for the aforementioned practice.

Please feel free to share the video and do please let me know how these energies had affected you.

Here’s a link to the video in mention.

My teacher and adviser.


I have been learning and I am continuing to learn from my guru or teacher, master. His name is Kiran. He happens to be my cousin too. The name Kiran means Ray of Light. I would say that the aforementioned name definition fits my cousin to a tee. I will not reveal his full name as I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to do so.

Kiran could be a guru or master if he so desires. He has other work to complete at this time though. He will continue with his teaching and advisory work with me. I had mentioned the word guru, above. As I have mentioned in previous posts, at Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI, I / we respect all religions and we respect those that don’t follow any religion also. The word guru means teacher, master, expert, leader.




My new Facebook group for Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI.

I have created a new Facebook group for Way of The Remote Influencer. I believe Facebook groups and Facebook in general, can be a very powerful tool for bringing much needed change to the world. I will be ministering through this group too.

The group is a private membership group. However, its easy to join and there’s no cost involved in joining either.

Here’s a link to the group.


She sings and looks like an angel.

Here’s an Instagram video of a very talented young singer and actress, Brooklyn Shaw. I sense she can become a star. I have been spot on with quite a few of my predictions and my intuitive insights etc.

When I watched the video for the first time, I felt a sense of peace and calm. Brooklyn is gifted. She is also wise beyond her years. Watch her video below. Do you agree with the title of my post?


Please share the video with your family, friends and associates.

Way of The Remote Influencer and Home Schooling.


Monasteries have been known to provide educational services. Way of The Remote Influencer is no exception. We believe in the power of home schooling. It is our belief that God wants us to worship and to learn from home.

We feel most comfortable and relaxed when we are in our own homes. Therefore, young and old and in between, can learn and worship from our / their homes.

Here is a PDF I had written up on Home Schooling.

SOTRI and Home Schooling1