Way of The Remote Influencer monasteries and how I envision them.

Shelley Road detached house 1

The photo above is of a house that was for sale in my local area. In this post, I will provide some updated information on Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI monasteries.

WOTRI is built upon living a simple and humble life. I see WOTRI monasteries being run from our homes and/or the homes of our fellow E-monks. I chose the term E-monk as most of our work is done online. We utilize the internet and technology to aid us in our work.

If you look at the banner used in WOTRI, you will see a laptop pc, a chain and a key. I will update this banner in due time. The aforementioned items are the religious symbols of WOTRI. The hammer is another symbol used in WOTRI. I may use other religious symbols over the course of time. These will probably be things such as pencils, pens, paper notepads and/or other education related tools. This is because research and learning play a huge part in this new monastic order.

In regard to the monasteries, a room or rooms could be turned into worship rooms. We can connect with other E-monks through Skype, Facebook, Google plus, mobile phones etc. This would mean that our monastery would be extended. In the future, we would create actual brick and mortar monasteries. These could be houses converted into monasteries and/or they could be some other types of building converted into monasteries.

I would not want WOTRI to be focused on making huge money, on becoming an attention grabbing commercial venture. That is why I chose the above. I wanted to make it affordable for E-monks to be able to participate in WOTRI.






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