Contemplative and Active religious orders in Way of The Remote Influencer.


Through my research, I have found out that Way of The Remote Influencer is an online monastery, a religious organization, a religious order and a new religious movement. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I believe research is one the gifts I was given by God.

Contemplative religious orders are ones where the monks and nuns devote all of their time in prayer for their communities and the world at large. Monasteries have been called the ‘power houses’ of the church as they contribute the ‘ministry of prayer’ to the world. Contemplative orders usually have a more rigorous schedule than active orders.

Active orders do most of their work outside of their monasteries. They teach, provide social and health care work, provide service to the poor. Their ministry work can entail a variety of work.

In Way of The Remote Influencer, it is up to the E-Monk whether they want to focus on one or both of the orders as described above. I am following  a blend or a balance of both the contemplative and the active orders. I cannot force E-Monks to follow a particular path. The choice is theirs to make. I will support the chosen path that the E-Monks have decided upon. Pressure and dogma, strict rules are not part of Way of The Remote Influencer. Did you like the photo of the monks? I have deep respect and admiration for monks and nuns from the various religions around the world. In future posts, I will write about clothes, outfits etc for WOTRI E-Monks.

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