RI 22 Smart Pills. A unique product made by Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI.


Monk’s have been known to operate small or even large businesses. They have and still do, make and sell quality products so that they can sustain their monasteries. In the picture above, you will see my custom made RI 22 Smart Pills. I had placed these finished smart pills into a plain, unlabeled pharmacy bottle.

Here is some information about products sold through monasteries.

If you care about quality, the next time you’re looking to buy something, you might consider buying from a monastery.

Think about it, the monks (or nuns) have dedicated their lives to prayer and discipline and perhaps have been making their products for decades or even centuries. It’s probably going to be good! And while monasteries are famous for making beer, you can find all sorts of products being produced in monasteries.



I am selling RI 22 Smart Pills through the 0 level distribution model at present. 0 level distribution is when a manufacturer sells directly to the customers. I may change or modify this channel in the future. For now, this channel works fine. I will also be providing my online and in person consulting services related to the production of RI 22 Smart Pills. I can teach clients how they can make their own RI 22 Smart Pills from home. I sell small quantities of RI 22, as my consulting services are the areas I am focusing upon. I am also providing these products and services through my other sites: atoconsultingdotcom.com and schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com


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