My Monastery and Monastic way of Life.

In 2013 I had written a short report for the basic research project I was and still am working on: Project The Remote Influencer – PTRI. I am following PTRI as a basic research project and as a series of unique and highly creative self-experiments.


This PDF digital download product provides valuable information on monks and monasteries. If people interested in personal development were to incorporate elements of monkhood into their lives, they would see great results happening.

I am selling this product via my Facebook F-commerce web site. Here is a link to the ad:!item?name=my-monastery-and-monastic-way-of-life&item=8ea259f5-cf38-56b4-95a3-946a19ddcdd0&store=208636779179245

The above site accepts Paypal payments. The product is listed for £5. The other alternative way of purchasing the product would be through sending me an e-mail at

You could ask me to e-mail you over the product. You could pay me via my account. Here is the link. I have added the amount into the link as well:






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