One of the metallic religious symbols of WOTRI.


At present there are three metallic religious symbols that are used in WOTRI. The photo above shows one of these objects: A chain with a carabiner device. The Carabiner is optional. I find it quite helpful as I can use the chain as a necklace of sorts when I pray and/or I do my Remote Influencing (RI) work. This symbol helps me to focus.

The chain is an affirmation from my book too. Please read my post on ‘Links of a chain, Remote Influencing affirmation’.

The universal declaration of human rights, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, includes the freedom, ‘To make, acquire and use to an adequate extent the necessary articles and materials related to the rights or customs of a religion or belief’.

As you can ascertain from the above, I / we have the right to use the chain as one of our religious symbols. Chains and carabiners are not too costly to purchase. They can be bought from hardware shops.

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