Way of The Remote Influencer and Community.


Community and communities play a huge part in Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI. As I have mentioned in previous posts, WOTRI is primarily an online monastery and new monastic order. However, in the future, we may have physical brick and mortar monasteries set up.

The world wide web and social networking web sites are communities. They just happen to be virtual or intangible communities. The great thing about online communities is the fact that people from around the world can join and they can tell others about the community too. This leads to the growth of the community.

Here is a PDF file I had created on religious communities. 

( In the last paragraph, I mention how I would like to see membership of WOTRI growing. I am honest enough to convey this message. It’s because I believe in the power of communities and I want to do some good in this world. I can’t do this all by myself. )

How does a religious community start

Why wouldn’t people want to join Way of The Remote Influencer, for starters it’s free to join.

The above is an important question I have posed for people wanting to or are considering joining Way of The Remote Influencer. Over the course of time, I will come back to this question and I will provide answers to this question.

Here is a link to one of the answers I had provided for the question above. It’s from my Facebook page for Way of The Remote Influencer.




Disciples can become gurus, masters unto themselves and others.

My Remote Influencing Keys

Do you like the photo of the three keys above? My Remote Influencing (RI) system is made up of 29 keys to success and 6 Remote Influencing focusing points. When I had developed my Remote Influencing system back in 2002, I had incorporated elements of Human Resources Learning and Development, consulting, coaching and training into the system. As I had been divinely guided to develop the said RI system, I knew that the system would expand and evolve over the course of time. I have seen recently, other authors and system creators, using similar methods and ideas, approaches.

I am an introverted person by nature as are most monks. I have had people question my background and experience. I did not bother trying to explain myself to these people. I don’t like to get into arguments and discussions too often. To answer their questions, and to answer others asking me the same question: I had worked at an E Learning start up company in Sunnyvale, California, USA for 2 years. I have conducted my own independent research, learning and training in the areas of Learning and Development, consulting, coaching, training, spirituality and self-help for over 10 years. I have been following my own learning and training methods for at least 20 years now. This adds up to vast amounts of knowledge and experience. I aim to impart my knowledge and wisdom, experience via the internet.

The majority of my work is conducted online. I will let the internet speak for the work I am doing. I will be showing disciples how to become their own gurus and/or masters unto themselves and others. Train the trainer, research, self directed learning, lifelong learning, informal learning and autodidactism – self education, are just some of the elements I am going to be incorporating into Way of The Remote Influencer, so as to make the title of my post a concrete reality. The end goal will be to create an online monastery where most, or the majority of the monks have become masters. I say online monastery as that is my focus, however, actual brick and mortar monasteries may manifest in the future.



Way of The Remote Influencer Ministry Work.

Monasteries minister in various ways. In Way of The Remote Influencer, Education and their related services make up part of our ministry work.


Here are the current areas of our ministry work.

  • Education / Teaching
  • Counsel/ling ( spiritual counsel/ling)
  • Consulting, coaching and training
  • Community Development
  • Healing
  • Research






Way of The Remote Influencer monasteries and how I envision them.

Shelley Road detached house 1

The photo above is of a house that was for sale in my local area. In this post, I will provide some updated information on Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI monasteries.

WOTRI is built upon living a simple and humble life. I see WOTRI monasteries being run from our homes and/or the homes of our fellow E-monks. I chose the term E-monk as most of our work is done online. We utilize the internet and technology to aid us in our work.

If you look at the banner used in WOTRI, you will see a laptop pc, a chain and a key. I will update this banner in due time. The aforementioned items are the religious symbols of WOTRI. The hammer is another symbol used in WOTRI. I may use other religious symbols over the course of time. These will probably be things such as pencils, pens, paper notepads and/or other education related tools. This is because research and learning play a huge part in this new monastic order.

In regard to the monasteries, a room or rooms could be turned into worship rooms. We can connect with other E-monks through Skype, Facebook, Google plus, mobile phones etc. This would mean that our monastery would be extended. In the future, we would create actual brick and mortar monasteries. These could be houses converted into monasteries and/or they could be some other types of building converted into monasteries.

I would not want WOTRI to be focused on making huge money, on becoming an attention grabbing commercial venture. That is why I chose the above. I wanted to make it affordable for E-monks to be able to participate in WOTRI.






Way of The Remote Influencer New Monastic Order.


Way of The Remote Influencer is not a religion. It is however a New Monastic Order. I respect all religions and I respect those who do not follow any religion. This is because we love everyone and hate no one. I will give some definitions below for Monastic and for Monastic Orders.


Of, or relating to, or characteristic of monks or nuns, their manner of life, or their religious obligations: Monastic vows.

Monastic Orders.

Are groups of men and women who dedicate themselves to God and live in an isolated community or alone.

New Monasticism.

New Monasticism is a diverse movement, not limited to a specific religious denomination or church and including varying expressions of contemplative and prophetic life.



Way of The Remote Influencer is a new urban Monastic Order. In the photo above, you will see traditional monks. In Way of The Remote Influencer, we do not wear traditional robes, habits etc. Casual clothes can serve as our habit as we do not want to stand out in a crowd. We will be judged not by the fancy clothes we wear but by the work that we do. When you think about monasteries, there are a few things that come to mind: Training, study, rules, work, ministry, faith, discipline, routines, schedules. Monks follow the aforementioned things for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine how hard it would be to do these things and to not give up. The rewards are well worth the sacrifices we make.

My Youtube video on Way of The Remote Influencer.

I shot a Youtube video for Way of The Remote Influencer yesterday. I have to admit that I have become quite shy recently. I have anxiety too. I will make more Youtube videos in the future. I wear sunglasses in my videos. This is because I have sleep issues which make my eyes look very tired. That’s why I prefer to wear sunglasses in my videos.

In this video you will see a few of the religious objects that are used in WOTRI. In future posts, I will write more about these objects and I will write about another one of the objects used as well.

Here’s the link to my video.




Bells, chimes used in Way of The Remote Influencer.

In Way of The Remote Influencer, I use a triangle instrument as part of my daily rituals. I like the instrument as one does not need to have great skill in order to master this instrument.

Historically, bells have been associated with religious rituals, and are still used to call communities together for religious services. ( Wikipedia. )

I use the triangle instrument in the morning. It reminds me of the tasks that I need to do for the day. I use it in the day, afternoon or evening too if necessary. The triangle sounds like a bell or a chime. Tubular bells are similar in ways to a triangle. This is due to the fact that tubular bells are struck manually with hammers in order for them to produce sound.



RI 22 Smart Pills. A unique product made by Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI.


Monk’s have been known to operate small or even large businesses. They have and still do, make and sell quality products so that they can sustain their monasteries. In the picture above, you will see my custom made RI 22 Smart Pills. I had placed these finished smart pills into a plain, unlabeled pharmacy bottle.

Here is some information about products sold through monasteries.

If you care about quality, the next time you’re looking to buy something, you might consider buying from a monastery.

Think about it, the monks (or nuns) have dedicated their lives to prayer and discipline and perhaps have been making their products for decades or even centuries. It’s probably going to be good! And while monasteries are famous for making beer, you can find all sorts of products being produced in monasteries.



I am selling RI 22 Smart Pills through the 0 level distribution model at present. 0 level distribution is when a manufacturer sells directly to the customers. I may change or modify this channel in the future. For now, this channel works fine. I will also be providing my online and in person consulting services related to the production of RI 22 Smart Pills. I can teach clients how they can make their own RI 22 Smart Pills from home. I sell small quantities of RI 22, as my consulting services are the areas I am focusing upon. I am also providing these products and services through my other sites: atoconsultingdotcom.com and schooloftheremoteinfluencer.com


Way of The Remote Influencer, Monk’s habit.

Here is a definition of a Religious habit, courtesy of Wikipedia.

A religious habit is a distinctive set of of garments worn by members of a religious order.In the pic above, you will see a Carmelite monk, he is the one kneeling with his arms outstretched. The nuns you see in the other photograph are from the Little sisters. These nuns designed their own unique habits. They had chosen blue denim material for the materials used for their habits.

They made their design simple and comfortable to wear. These nuns wanted to wear habits that were simple and non-threatening. The choice of material they had chosen was one which would signify that they were in harmony with the working people of the world. Their habits say who they are and what they stand for.

In Way of The Remote Influencer, it is up to the E-Monk what they should or would like to wear. I prefer to wear denim jeans, t-shirts or shirts, leather jackets – because they are durable and they keep me warm. I also wear army style jackets – I admire the discipline of soldiers. Denim jackets are also part of what I wear. I also like to wear work style jackets. The other types of garments I wear are athletic and/or martial arts style uniforms. Both of the aforementioned garments signify ‘Training’. Learning and training are important elements in Way of The Remote Influencer. These garments become uniforms of sorts. I am not interested in wearing fancy clothes, shoes etc. My work is what should be important, not the clothes that I wear.