Way of The Remote Influencer and Community.


Community and communities play a huge part in Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI. As I have mentioned in previous posts, WOTRI is primarily an online monastery and new monastic order. However, in the future, we may have physical brick and mortar monasteries set up.

The world wide web and social networking web sites are communities. They just happen to be virtual or intangible communities. The great thing about online communities is the fact that people from around the world can join and they can tell others about the community too. This leads to the growth of the community.

Here is a PDF file I had created on religious communities. 

( In the last paragraph, I mention how I would like to see membership of WOTRI growing. I am honest enough to convey this message. It’s because I believe in the power of communities and I want to do some good in this world. I can’t do this all by myself. )

How does a religious community start

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