Disciples can become gurus, masters unto themselves and others.

My Remote Influencing Keys

Do you like the photo of the three keys above? My Remote Influencing (RI) system is made up of 29 keys to success and 6 Remote Influencing focusing points. When I had developed my Remote Influencing system back in 2002, I had incorporated elements of Human Resources Learning and Development, consulting, coaching and training into the system. As I had been divinely guided to develop the said RI system, I knew that the system would expand and evolve over the course of time. I have seen recently, other authors and system creators, using similar methods and ideas, approaches.

I am an introverted person by nature as are most monks. I have had people question my background and experience. I did not bother trying to explain myself to these people. I don’t like to get into arguments and discussions too often. To answer their questions, and to answer others asking me the same question: I had worked at an E Learning start up company in Sunnyvale, California, USA for 2 years. I have conducted my own independent research, learning and training in the areas of Learning and Development, consulting, coaching, training, spirituality and self-help for over 10 years. I have been following my own learning and training methods for at least 20 years now. This adds up to vast amounts of knowledge and experience. I aim to impart my knowledge and wisdom, experience via the internet.

The majority of my work is conducted online. I will let the internet speak for the work I am doing. I will be showing disciples how to become their own gurus and/or masters unto themselves and others. Train the trainer, research, self directed learning, lifelong learning, informal learning and autodidactism – self education, are just some of the elements I am going to be incorporating into Way of The Remote Influencer, so as to make the title of my post a concrete reality. The end goal will be to create an online monastery where most, or the majority of the monks have become masters. I say online monastery as that is my focus, however, actual brick and mortar monasteries may manifest in the future.



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