Way of The Remote Influencer and Work.

Work is important in Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI online monastery. Work and the value of work have been written about in the bible and in Hindu scriptures. In fact, I am sure that work has been written about in most of the major religious traditions.

Saint Benedict reminds us ‘They are truly monks when they live by the labors of their own hands’. A monk is in a constant state of prayer, expressed in whatever he’s doing. Whether he’s sleeping, eating, working or in church, monks never stop worshiping God, because God is in absolutely everything they do. We please God when we do the best work we can possibly do.

Monks work so that they can keep their monasteries running. Monks have been known to operate successful businesses. They have also worked in the areas of research and education. I have written a PDF file which provides more info on ‘work’ and monasticism. My PDF gives some definitions of work too. Work can cover many areas. Work does not only mean ‘paid’ work. I can send it over to anyone interested in reading it. My e-mail address is:





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