Research is part of our beliefs and our work.

Basic research is part of WOTRI’s beliefs. It is also part of the ministry work that we undertake. I have written up a PDF about this area. I can e-mail it over to anyone curious to learn more about this area. I won’t give definitions of basic research in this post. (Please Google this area if so desired) My e-mail address is:

I have noticed that my research skills have been improving recently. I believe God is directing me to specific areas in which I should conduct research into. Research is not just for phd’s and scientists etc. Just about any profession or area of interest can benefit from research endeavours. Research is one of the gifts God has given me. I would like to share this gift with others. Research can have spiritual, physical and psychological benefits too. In future posts, I will write about my ideas related to research vs or as an adjunct to Brain Training for  Alzheimer’s.


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