The tools required to become a monk at WOTRI.

Remote Influencing (RI) via my Asus laptop

There are not too many tools required to become a monk at Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI. As WOTRI is essentially an online monastery, the  bare essentials necessary would be a reliable PC with internet access. A landline phone and a mobile – cellular phone would also be handy to have.  (If you are wondering who that is in the photo above, it is me, Anand Sule, the founder of WOTRI. I didn’t have my laptop turned on when I took the photo. I was surprised at how my image appeared on the laptop screen. It became almost like a mirror effect )

The main tools we already have : Our mind, body and spirit. Technology plays a big part in WOTRI. However, I don’t think it is good to become a slave to technology. For example, when I / we, do a Remote Influencing session, the tools we would use would be our mind, body and spirit.




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