Way of The Remote Influencer – WOTRI, E-Monks.

I came up with a new term today: E-Monks. I typed up a PDF file with my definitions for this new and unique term.

Here is some of what I had written in my PDF file: E-Monk.

WOTRI stands for Way of The Remote Influencer. I am a monk. My work is done primarily via pc’s and the internet. Therefore, I am an E-Monk.

An E-Monk is a monk or a nun whose community work is conducted online via the internet.

An E-Monk’s main tools for serving their community are, pc’s and the internet.

WOTRI is not a physical,  brick and mortar monastery. You cannot touch WOTRI with your hands. It is an intangible product, if you will. WOTRI is an E-Monastery.

If you would like me to send you a copy of the above PDF file, please contact me via my School of The Remote Influencer web site e-mail address:



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