Way of The Remote Influencer, an introduction.

Hello and welcome to my wordpress blog for the new online monastery I have created – Way of The Remote Influencer: WOTRI. My name is Anand Sule. This is the first online monastery of its kind in the world. I had developed a powerful Remote Influencing (RI) system back in 2002 in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I wrote a book about my RI system in 2008.

I am developing myself into the powerful archetype: The Remote Influencer. You could say that The Remote Influencer is an ideal of sorts. The Remote Influencer is a powerful man or a woman who uses their RI skills and knowledge to help their communities and the world at large.

Technology plays a big part in WOTRI. WOTRI is not a religion. I believe in God and I believe in science too. People of all faiths and/or non believers can join this online monastery and they can do so without cost. Remote Influencing could be categorized as a form of personal development. Personal development covers vast areas. I am continuing to add to the Remote Influencing body of knowledge on a perpetual basis.

I have instinctively been following a monk like way of life for many years now. I am fascinated with monks and monkhood. In future posts I will give more info on these subjects. I hope to recruit fellow lightworkers to join WOTRI over the course of time.



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